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Posted: August 9, 2012 in Blogs

This is Usman Ahmed, my older brother. He’s born as premature on May 23 1992. The day he was born, he was only the size of my fathers hand, approximately 20 cm in height, 600 grams was his weight. He was kept in a growth machine at the hospital of Bahrain for one year because of his organs not developed properly. Usman didn’t even go home at all, he was kept at the hospital for a year after he was born. Throughout the years Usman has had at least a total of 17 surgery’s on his legs, brain, throat, and stomach. The best part about it, he didn’t show any sign of weakness at all. As an older brother he made sure the love ones around him had a smile on their faces even though he couldn’t do any action to make people happy, beside smiling. He went to school and finished his high school at Sir William Osler. The time of his graduation came, and he wasn’t at the graduation ceremony, instead he was at Sick Kids because of his stomach pain. Now he’s attending a program at his school that helps him understand the world and how to live in the real world. Usman’s favourite hobby is to play Nintendo 64 on his computer as an emulator and watching the Toronto Blue Jays games. On his birthday I got him a gift, a Blue Jays hat and his favourite player jersey, Ricky Romero. He can literally memorise the season schedule and when a game is going on, he will be watching it no matter where he is. Even if he has to pull out Scoreboard app on my phone. Unfortunately, since June 25, its been almost 2 months he hasn’t watched any games. He needs help.

Usman was submitted to the hospital at Sunny Brook. He has this one tough pain with his stomach that forms and expands air and it gets difficult for him to do anything. The pain comes here and then but it goes away by releasing gas through his G tube, except that day, the 25 of June, the pain couldn’t stop. I had to call 911 and have him taken to the hospital right away. The doctors since have been trying to figure out the reason of the pain, but haven’t found anything yet. Its been 2 months he’s been at the hospital, and hasn’t been home. In the 2 months he’s already had 5 surgery’s; 3 on his stomach, the first surgery was done expecting the pain to be gone, but failed. Second surgery happened and they realized a hidden hole that’s been leaking liquid that effecting his tissues. Third surgery just happened, but they couldn’t find the hole, instead they put something in that allows the liquid to drain out of his body. Surgery 4, one for his throat to add a track that gives him enough oxygen he needs, and one for his brain to replace the shint he had when he was born, a pipe that’s treated as a filter that supports his brain liquid. These 2 months of his life has been the most difficult time ever. Day by day he’s been getting weaker and day by day he’s been missing his family and just wants to go home. His family visits him every single day, and his friends drop by couple of time. Physically he’s been getting weaker and weaker and its getting hard for him to even move a muscle. Mentally, he’s been very emotionally depressed. Every time his friends drop by to see him, there’s a smile that comes on his face, and gives him a little bit of courage. But it still isn’t enough. As a younger brother, I can’t stand to see that. There’s one way that I know that can boost his self-esteem and keep his chin up through out his recovery. My mission is to send a message across and hopefully it can reach out to the Toronto MLB Blue Jays player Ricky Romero. If he can get this message and visit him, it will make Usman so happy, and keep his chin up and hopefully be home soon. With enough help, if all of you can keep sharing this, and I just hope that this can work.
I also ask each and everyone of you to keep him in your prayers. It’s the last 10 days of Ramadhan, a time when duas are accepted. Insha’Allah may Allah give him a quick recovery, and a recovery that can cause him no more pain and keep him healthy for ever. Ameen.

Ricky Romero, people look up to you as an idol. Kids get happy when they go to the Blue Jays game to see the players they admire. Usman, is a fan and he even looks up to you. in the condition he is now, if there’s anything that he can get, is to meet his favourite player. I ask if you can get the chance to see him. He would be so happy, his emotions would light up and just stay happy for ever. You would be not only a baseball player, but a hero as well.

If you have twitter, you can tweet this link with hastag #HelpUsman and have it reached out to Rickey Romero (@RickyRo24 )

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc you can email me at

Thank you,
Furkan Ahmed.

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  1. […] this moment. I want to thank each and every one of those who gave their support for spreading the message across to Ricky Romero (@RickyRo24). It was successful and he managed to visit my brother Usman. […]

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